The golden Circle

From the book "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek

The golden Circle

In the heart of purpose, a circle shines gold, Simon's wisdom, a tale to be told. "Start with Why," the bold mantra , A journey of purpose, a story to unfold.

At the core, the Why takes its stand, A beacon of purpose, a guiding hand. Like golden threads through a tight fabric, It weaves through darkness, bringing light.

First the Why, a vision clear, A spark igniting, fear dispelled . With passion burning, a flame untold, The Golden Circle, a story to be bold.

Next, the How, the strategic dance, A plan unfolding, a forward chance. Methods crafted, with skill and grace, Building bridges to the destined place.

And finally, the What, the outer ring, Products and actions, a tangible thing. But without the Why, it's a hollow song, The Golden Circle, where purpose belongs.

So let your Why be a golden hue, Guiding actions, both old and new. In the circle of gold, find your voice, A symphony of purpose, let the world rejoice.

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